There are many ways to join our Helping Hands Ministry to serve our Church and Community.  We have a Hospitality Ministry, Angels Unawares Ministry, Food Pantry Ministry and Cleaning Ministry.



Hospitality Ministry

Do you have a love for cooking, hosting and fellowship?  This ministry may be for you.  This team of wonderful individuals help provide coffee and goodies for Sunday and Wednesday service, Coordinate Dinners of 8 ministry nights and other fellowship opportunities.  If you are interested in joining this team please let us know!  We would love to have you.


Angels Unawares Ministry

We never now when there might be needs inside or outside of the church.  This team stands ready to help with a needed meal and a caring hand.  If you have a heart for this ministry please let us know.  We will let you know how to get involved.


Food Pantry Ministry

Our food pantry ministry is supported with gift cards of any denomination. Simply purchase a food gift card from any local grocery store, place it in a giving envelope and drop it in the tithe box.


Cleaning Ministry

We have been blessed with a wonderful facility and we do our best to keep it clean and in good order.  These things don't happen miraculously but rather by a diligent and special group of people who have blessed our body with their skills and service to the Lord.  If you have cleaning skills or just a heart to help please let us know and we will get you plugged in with this fabulous team!